Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Third Annual Bloggy Meetup comes to an end.....

C, Clover's mom and I stayed on and continued the meetup. We got in to our house at 5am this morning and Clover's mom had to be at the airport by 8:30am....we're tired....very tired. My calculations have J landing right about now, C is taking a test at college and I'm at work trying to function on no sleep. I'll post more of our fun, including the other bloggers and their Pugs that we met, when I have a chance to sort through the photos and clear my tired brain. We had a blast!


Libby's Library said...

I'm jealous!

I'll be arriving on Nov.7th and will staying til the 17th!

Can't wait to get Gracie's Dress.
I'll take pics of George and Gracie in their outfits, and send you a copy:-)

Pam said...

good to hear that you made it back safely. I'm looking forward to reading and seeing pictures about the trip.

That's a great photo of you and C!

Unknown said...

Aunty Punchy, this here is Howie. I will be arrivin this afternoon and I will be VERY hungree when I get there. Please leave the front door unlocked and the fridger-amater door open.
thank yew,
Your future Houseguestpug, Howie Pee
Pee Ess. I hope you are not particular about housetraining and stuff like that

Archie and Melissa said...

hi punchy!

oh what a wonderful meetup!

i cannot wait to see more of your pictures and hear more stories!

:) m & e

PUGinbucharest said...

hi from romania

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

The girls and I had a blast at the ocean with you! Sequoia is ready for her nectg trip! Thanks for the goody bag....the key chain is hanging off my purse already on display!

Mia said...

SO glad you all had a good time!! Who needs sleep when you have good friends to spend time with?!?!?!


Rachel said...

Glad to see you're home safe! Can't wait to see the pictures!


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