Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mean boss, snow, gifts, more snow, and more snow....and more gifts!

I'm sure you all heard that the north was expecting a large snowstorm on Friday. Many of the local schools did not open on Friday and many others that did, closed early. Around 11am it was coming down at a pretty good clip. Girlville checked our local weather cam and told me I should leave NOW!
Our parking lot at work. See Herbie out there?
Anyhow, the afternoon appointments all canceled. One of my bosses was acting like an idiot. When my co-worker and I mentioned the canceled appts., he said he didn't know what the big deal was snowing...well, we were expecting 6 or more inches...still big deal to about we both live 20 miles away, he lives about 3 miles. None of us took a lunch, instead cranking to each other how he was acting like a jerk. Seemed to be making us stay to make a point. Have I mentioned my co-worker is due for a baby in 4 weeks? Anyhow he FINALLY said we could leave at 3pm.
We trudged out to the parking lot and started to clean off our cars. Mine looked like a marshmellow. I would have liked to take a photo for all you "southern belles", but it was TOO DARN COLD. I got in the car and looking down from door you can see snow had been higher than doors and I basically pushed it away when I opened the door.
The drive home was treacherous. Slow, slippery, scarey. I wished Girlville was in the car with me so I could show her a fun ride! I FINALLY got home at 4:15pm! It took a couple of trys to get in the garage.

When I got in the house I was steaming. Poor P had to hear how mad I was at my boss. But he told me here, feel better you got a package....

Woohoo! A package from Norman & his Woman! See those cut-out cookies...they were gone so quick I can't remember eatting them! Poor C had to pry one out of my hand!
And more...scone mix, vanilla, and an ADORABLE ceramic Pug ornament! I swear I could drink that vanilla...I actually thought about putting it behind my ears for perfume.....I know......over the edge. Thanks Norman and Tammy!!!!

Saturday morning the snow had subsided and P and I took a trip to the mall. I just have a couple of things left to do, but just can't seem to get them done! We walked around and the mall got fuller, and fuller, and fuller. We left by about 1:30pm it was just too busy and I did NOT want to be there. As we drove home (20minutes) we watched the sky get darker and darker. Although it had been sunny and not snowing by the mall, it apparently had been snowing at home most of the time we were gone!
When I went to let the dogs out I found another package on our deck! Priscilla, Frank, and Maya B sent a surprise for us!

All the furry kids got their own treat bag! She even handmade their tags. I will definetely be putting these in their scrapbook! (Oh, you didn't know my Pugs have a scrapbook????, what kind of Pug mama do you think I am????)

A cute hanging towel for me, along with Pumpkin Coffee (my fav) and Biscotti! OH OH OH...DEE-LICIOUS. How sad P does not like sad, I'll have to eat it ALL!!!!

How about this....she used real popcorn for stuffing the package!!! Priscilla you are amazing! Although I did consider eatting it (HAHA) I will feed the poor birdies instead!

Rosie says...I heard you say Frank and Maya B sent us treats!!!! Bring 'em on!

Meantime..there will be no grilling at our house tonight!


Unknown said...

Love the title to your post Punchy, it just says it all!!! Thank goodness for good friends and tasty prezzies to make it all better.
holiday hugs from Texas!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Glad you made it home safe and had some yummy cookies to cheer you up.

I will be heading North next week and I think my body is going to be in for quite a shock - it was almost 80 degrees today! I was regretting not putting on shorts when I took the pugs out for their walk.

Puglette said...

hi punchy! what wonderful gifts you got! i love the tags and the ornament. my boss was like yours, used to mke me stay until the bitter end. >_<

have a good weekend, stay warm and cozy!

kristie said...

WHY CAN I NOT GET SNOW LIKE THAT??? i'm glad you finally made it home though...i was worried about you driving in all that (even though you are a pro at it).

Swampgirl said...

Girlville is so right- you should leave! Youngest son has worn shorts to school this week - it has been in the 70's. The temp. in the pool is up to 60 -we may be swimming soon if this keeps up! Your boss would never survive in the South. We don't mess around with snow -everything shuts down and we go home!

"M" said...

Your boss does sound like a jerk! I would have just packed up my stuff and left when it was around 1/2 inch deep. That's about as deep as us southerns can handle things! ;-) (ie. CAN'T) Entirely too much snow for me. Glad you had some nice gifts waiting for you at home.

Pug Posse said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! And what a mean boss you have...he needs a good bite on the leg...grrrr! But you got some great presents in the mail! Hope you're all staying warm!
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Priscilla said...

Oh I'm glad the package made it ok. The bones are dipped in vanilla candyquik. No chocolate, but sugar.

I love packing in real popcorn! It's good for the environment. (Go green!) I toss it in the yard for the birds.

Oh my! Look at all that snow! YIKES!

Clover said...

OMG your boss does sound like a meanie!! I am glad you made it home safely.
Those are some great presents you got in the mail - hope the rest of your weekend was nice and relaxing!!
Love Clover and Jess

The Devil Dog said...

Wow, it actually stopped snowing there Saturday? It has been snowing here since Friday. Luckily, mom was working 1/2 day and school closed at 12:15 so mom picked up PlusOne, went home and made English muffin bread. Too bad P doesn't like the biscotti, really (more for you!)
Enjoy the snow. ha ha. Mom is expecting no school tomorrow. Then we are supposed to get more snow Crhristmas Eve. Yikes!


♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

we got lots of snow too....way too much! we got a little over 2 feet here the past 2 days....the Pugs get buried in it just to go pee. Brad shoveled them a path for them to make their potty trips easier...

Anonymous said...

I totally hear your pain! We are in the middle of a snow storm too. Its supposed to snow for the next 2 weeks!! It doesn't do that here!
Glad you got home safe!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

You sure have got a lot of presents! You must have been a really good girl this year!! Did you notice that those swirly brown treats are from me? I made them special just for you :) Also, that vanilla is from Mexico - Woman got it when she was there in September.

Mrs.D said...

What a mean boss to make you stay with all that snow! Glad you got home OK.

Nevis said...

WOW! What a storm! And those look like some fabulous gifties!

Libby's Library said...

Oh - I hope that your boss doesn't read your blog:) I wish that somebody would send my something as nice as the haul that you got!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Hey Punchy & Puggies!!! I gots my presents in the mail today and I's so happy! Thanks for being my Secret Santa. Oh, Mom says thanks too!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Thanks for the info - my Mom didn't know the right way to hang the pug plaque. Silly Mom!


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