Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I think I missplaced Christmas????

Not sure where my head might be these days, but clearly, it is not on Christmas looming around the corner. There is one tree up, when there is usually five. The candle lights are in the windows, but NO outside lights up yet. R has (almost) moved into his new apt. Remember the last time he was home? Thankfully this time was a bit more organized and except for the fish tank spewing 10 gallons of water all over the dining room, rather uneventful. There are still boxes in the garage and the "temp" fish tank is still bubbling away in the dining room. The BIG 100 gallon tank is sitting in the den, and the little "traveling" tank is empty on the dining room floor. The Pugs seem to be VERY happy that Bailey has gone. She is a sweet, well mannered dog....just BIG and clumsy and more than the "little fat, furry ones" can handle....and the cat, well we won't discuss the cat...torturing Bailey every chance he got.

THEN it seems that P and I are feeling like doing some Winter "fix-up" to the house. We purchased new flooring for the main bathroom, along with new trim paint, and new nobs for the vanity. Tonight we bought a new rug for the dining room, as we have decided to give R the dark green rug (I NEVER WANTED DARK GREEN). Then the best thing of all is the purchase of the mantle/electric fireplace for the den. Clearly, there will be NO exchange of gifts between us...not that it bothers me, now if I can keep him from buying! Anyhow, I have great aspirations getting all this house nonsense done by Saturday. Then maybe we can "get to Christmas"....

And, just so you guys don't think I only care about sewing for Pugs....here is Freida the Doberman, in her reversible coat. Doesn't she look grand????


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

That doberman does look nice in that lovely coat. We are having trouble with Christmas too. All the decorations are sitting in tubs in the living room, but none have been taken out. It's been like this since Sunday. Eek!

Page said...

I know what you mean about Christmas...I've lost it too, though I have a feeling it's buried up in the attic underneath the massive tree I have yet to drag down.
I love that Dobbie coat! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about christmas.. I was all excited about the tree going up and it's only half decorated! oops!
The Freida looks wonderful in her coat!

Nevis said...

I know what you mean about Christmas, too. I STILL haven't put the tree up! UGH!

Clover said...

Oh, I am with you. Finally getting around to decorating the house tonight, which is late for us!
I am taking pics of Clover in her dress tonight - I will email you before I go to bed!!

The Devil Dog said...

That is a very beautiful coat. Mom hasn't put the tree up, there are no reindeer up outside or bush lights, fence lights or roof lights. Funny thing, there is only one house in the neighborhood with lights up. there are usually four or five. Mom thinks everyone is jsut not as festive as usual.


Puglette said...

oh my goodness! five trees!!
your house projects will be keeping you busy. Freida's coat is very nice!

Priscilla said...

Oh she does look grand!

And Warm


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