Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No wonder I'm tired

By 9am this morning I had:

Let dogs out,
Fed dogs,
Read emails,
Completely binded a lap quilt,
Got ready for work,
Listened to C whine about being sick,
Let dogs out again,
Went to Western Union (at KMart) to pick up money from an ebay sale,
Went to Post Office to mail package,
Went to Bank,
Went to Library to drop off books.....

Today is my last day of doggie daycare at work. Devil Dog's mom asked what type of place I work at that allows dogs. I am a paralegal at a law office. My bosses both have dogs. One of them brings his dog in at least once a week. The other visits occasionally. They don't mind the dogs at all. I usually don't bring mine for the whole day as #1 I have FOUR...#2 It's hard to concentrate on working with a dog on your lap #3 They bark at the phones, noise, etc. #4 The other girls in the office want to play with them and then none of us get work done! LOL The boss I do most of my work for So these two visitors are a welcome diversion this week. My office is upstairs, so as long as no one needs to use the conference room that is upstairs too, I am all set. I just close the door and they sleep, snuggle, and play. We take a walk around the village at lunch time and they are picked up by 4:30pm.


Page said...

You are so lucky! I'm a paralegal as well and it's just myself and my boss at our office. BUT, he claims his kids (who are never here!) are allergic to dogs so he can't be around them. Whatev...I did sneak Winnie in one time when boss was on vacation b/c he had a vet appointment that day. I would LOVE to take my pugs to work.

Sandy said...

that sounds like the perfect setup for an emergency doggie day care.

Pam said...

Wow, that's quite a lot all before 9am. That's great that you are able to bring your animals to work.

The Devil Dog said...

Wow! I would be tired by 9:00 am too if I had done all that! You are lucky to be able to bring your dogs to work. Mom says I would be too disruptive, but Lucky wouldn't. If that isn't bias I don't know what is.


Leah said...

How fun, doggie daycare at work! I know it wouldn't work with my pugs--they think they HAVE to be in my lap if I am sitting, plus Oscar is a horrible barker. But it would be so fun!

kristie said...

i could never do that much by 9am. ever. you are a wonder woman.

Nevis said...

You are SO lucky! I wish I could bring my babbies to work. Of course...what if they pooped? I would hate having to clean up after them constantly...

Nevis said...

Oh, hey- My friend Erin bought some cool ties and a dress from your Etsy shop...but you don't have anything like that currently. Are you just out of stock?


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