Friday, December 28, 2007

The holiday post....finally

Christmas Eve was at our house. The pre-made dinner worked out nicely. Especially since everyone's schedules were a little off and dinner had to be a little later than planned. Before the rest of the family arrived we (P, me, R, H (his finance') and C) exchanged gifts, since R and H would not be with us Christmas morning. One of H's gifts to me was this frame she made for me.

Here R tries to figure out why we gave him snowboard bindings? Perhaps he should look under the sofa to see. He was pleasantly surprised to find a new snowboard, especially since he thought he was getting nothing for Christmas since we have given him money for his new apartment.

My bf dropped off this cookie tray to us. She does this every year. Thankfully she has decreased the size over the years.

P was in charge of photos and obviously neglected to take ANY of the festivities. R did get this one of Zoey in the den. Oops, I think she has dress issues.

Rosie, well she was just plain EXHAUSTED.

We never did get to my aunt's house. After everyone left, around 9:30pm, P and I headed over to my dad's for some quiet time. He and A had been at our house, but she really wanted us over for more dessert.

Forward to Christmas morning. After sleeping in until 8:30am! Presents got underway. P decided the gang should get dressed again and Marty put on his Santa Suit.

Chloe was very intrigued by the whole thing.

Heh, C what did you get?????

Zoey - "She got a laptop Chloe, can't you read?"


kristie said...

looks like you had a great time. funny how you never made it to your aunt's. the frame you son's fiance made - too cute! she's quite crafty. i love marty in his santa suit...can he come be my santa next year?

Priscilla said...

Zoey gots a wardrobe malfunction?

I understands completely.

Magnolia Sun said...

Glad everyone had a good Christmas, I love the little outfits, you are so talented.

Leah said...

Lucky you, getting to sleep in until 8:30! My brother still insists we get up early, but he graciously allowed us to sleep until 7:25 on Christmas.

Love the frame! And those cookies look sooooo good. Jason put us on a post-holiday diet, and I am hungry!

The Devil Dog said...

What great photos, Rosie looks very cute, even if she was exhausted. Glad it all worked out for you.


Sandy said...

Oh, hello to your friend that makes those cookies...can I be her friend too? Marty and the girls are too cute in their outfits. I bet C was happy to get that laptop and R was happy to get that snowboard..great gifts to keep folks busy. The frame is so cute. I love the picture of you, too!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

What a great Chritmas you had! looks like everyone recieved some really nice gifts!
Do you ever use your Fireplace??

Frances Louise said...

Holidays are so festive at your house! The girls and Marty look like they are ready to go out and party!

AM said...

Oh I love all the pictures. The pugs outfits are adorable, especially Marty's tie. Look at all those presents! Glad you had a good Christmas.


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