Tuesday, November 21, 2006

30 Days of Thanks - Day 21

We're thankful for a snuggle with our human brother when he comes "home" for a visit!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm confused about Marty coming home with you, is he Carlos? is he the same that you rescued and described in your post on October 23, 2006? are you keeping him forever?
Love you and your devotion to Pugs..they are angels
carla and Jessie

Anonymous said...

I can not understand how Marty came home with you, is he carlos? or is he the pug you rescued in your post on October 23?
is your house his forever home? I admire you and your dedication to Pugs.....your blog is lovely
cheers carla

Sandy said...

Four pugs is quite a load when it's on top of you! I know that keeps Big Brother warm.

Priscilla said...

Four dog night? Getting cold up there?

Very cute pups. Brother however does not look thrilled to be having his pic taken. Did you tell him you'd be blogging this? And that the entire world will see his sleepy little self?

We won't tell, it'll be our little secret.


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