Sunday, November 19, 2006

30 Days of Thanks - Day 19

The girls WERE giving thanks for the bubblegum flavored rawhides they and Marty received today, but all got a "time - out" for bad behavior. Marty is getting a tad possesive of me and frankly Chloe does not like it. I guess he will learn fast that it is 3 to 1 - not in his favor. Hopefully this is just another little blip in the radar of Puggy love between them all.

So, tonight I am thankful to be resting after PAINTING for two days. Yesterday I painted the ceiling in my son's room, then the walls. Today I painted the closet doors...(oh those little louvers!) and the bedroom door. The room is a strange shade of green that looks one color in daylight and another color by lamplight. The hubby painted the 3 floor to ceiling windows, and then got tired (remember third shift guy he is). I finished the baseboards and then cleaned everything up. Tomarrow he promises to paint the windows themselves, so hopefully by the time I get home I can hang the new blinds. Still to come ripping out the carpet....along with getting the bed from the attic, the mattresses from the top of the garage, etc. I am also moving all my scrapbooking in there, so that will be another whole thing! In between all this we picked out a new Pergo floor for our den and hubby tells me it is going to be our Thanksgiving project! Good thing my son is coming into town on Wed. (to do his laundry), I'm sure he'd LOVE to help with all our nonsense!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! You've got Marty mentioned on the top banner and side bar now! It's OFFICIAL!!!

Kara (Turskey) Vaught said...

I hate painting ceilings, ugg.
I know they'll get to love each other!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

Did I miss something?? Who is Marty?? A Pug?? and to think I read all your posts..I think I need to take another run looks as if I missed something big!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Marty will learn in due time that he is outnumbered by the ladies. Some men are a little slower than others in figuring out that they're not actually in charge. Hehe!


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