Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I know ~ my family thinks I'm fun
I believe ~ in God
I fought ~ occasionally with my little sister
I am angered ~ if anyone cheats or lies
I love ~ unconditionally
I need ~ to lose weight
I take ~ my Pugs to work sometimes
I drink ~ Water with lemon
I hate ~ being taken for granted
I use ~ sunscreen
I want ~ to stay at the shore for a month
I decided ~ I need to say no sometimes
I like ~ creating things
I am ~ a Gemini
I feel ~ tired tonight!
I left ~ the oven on once when we went to a funeral
I do ~ not sit down much
I hope ~ that my family stays healthy
I dream ~ random dreams
I drive ~ the speed limit
I listen ~ to books on tape
I type ~ without looking at the keys
I think ~ I'd like to meet all my blog friends
I wish ~ that I had the whole summer off work
I compensate ~ by being a peacekeeper
I regret ~ not writing down stuff my grandparents told me that I thought I'd remember
I care ~ a lot
I should ~ walk every day
I am not always ~ on time
I said ~ I'd always be there for my kids
I wonder ~ if I'll ever get laser surgery on my eyes
I changed ~ loving cats more than dogs
I cry ~ when I think of my mom being gone
I am ~ not going to fly on a plane if I can avoid it
I am not ~ going to smoke
I lose ~ papers sometimes
I leave ~ the hall light on


Sandy said...

We should all stay at the coast for a month while we take the summer off with our pugs and leave the hall light on while we lose weight by drinking water with lemon and remember not to leave the oven on during the flight that we won't take in an airplane!!
I've always been scared of leaving the oven on.

Do you leave the light on because it's an accident or because you are scared of the dark? I'm scared of the dark myself.

Coco said...

Yeah! I enjoyed reading your MeMe :)

Can I stay at the Shore with you??? (I'll help with your Cookie Addiction If I can come LOL)

Punchbugpug said...

hahaha - Everyone is welcome at my dream month at the shore - what wonderful times we could have! How funny...loosing weight by drinking water and eatting cookies???? and especially NOT leaving the oven on! My nickname that year was "ovenbaster"!

The reason I like to leave the light on is that 4 years ago my daughter was spending the night at her friends house up the street, the hubby doesn't like ANY light left on, well around midnight the house phone started ringing and I couldn't find it in the dark! It went to voice mail and then started ringing again. I just knew something was wrong and was in a panic. When I finally found the phone my daughter was screaming in the phone that the house was on fire! It was TERRIBLE! I always want to be able to find the phone..the Pugs and my way out. I have a big fear of the house being on fire.

Sandy said...

That is scary a incident.

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

I will join you at the Shore...along with willow and Belle....I leave the Hall light on too!

Dave said...

I agree with the light on and we would love a month at the shore! I think spending the day eating cookies is a great plan:) Pyrite feels a month at the shore would help her get in touch with her innerpug ohhmmmmmm!



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