Thursday, July 20, 2006

Digital Cameras

Okay, I really want a new digital camera. We've dropped ours more than a few times and now the viewfinder is a little "off". The hubby wants the Canon that can use the lenses from our 35mm Canon Reflex Camera. Our current camera is a Kodak version 3.2. He doesn't want another Kodak model (since he was downsized from Kodak after 31 years of service!), but several friends have the newer models and like them best. My son had an HP, which was junk. So, what does everyone out there use?????? Suggestions??? What do you like or dislike about your camera???? ;)


Kara said...

I really like the Nikon Coolpix L1. It's great it you want to just be able to pick a "scene" (like indoors, action, beach, museum, etc.) and get a good shot. Of course, I'd love to spend $1,000 bucks and get a super duper zoom and lenses, etc., but this one is really good for about $200.

Coco said...

OMG. I was about to post about my crappy Nikon when I see Kara's post!
OK, I must have a BAD model!

I have a Nikon Coolpix. Yes they are MANY Great options for scene selction and the pictures are very clear. It wasnt that expensive either.

The only thing............

Some days it turns on......Some days it DECIDES not to turn on....... It gets frustrating! I am *dealing* with it for now, as I am not looking forward to sending it in, and not having a camera for a week :( I would have major withdrawls!!!!

I had a cannon before this one, it was great. ALWAYS Turned on. Self-inflicted death. I dropped it. Into the lake.
:-( That was the end of my cannon.

My Pugs Blogger said...

I think we have a Fuji (something) and it was about $700 (two years ago - totally outdated now!) and I'm not too impressed with it. The quality of the photos isn't great and action shots (pugs running) is for crap.

I would love a new camera too - but have to wait until this one fades away. :(

Leah said...

We have a Sony, which is fine but several years old so somewhat outdated. My mom has a Nikon Coolpix (not sure which model) which takes great pictures! Haven't tried action shots but the color of her photos is phenomenal!

Sandy said...

PUnchy, I wrote this comment yesterday but it must not have gone through. I got the Canon A620 (I's not in front of me right now) 7.1 mega pixel. I got it for Christmas and the cost has come down since then. It does let you attach other lenses but I don't have any so ... I like it but it takes four regular round batteries instead of a light-weight flat battery. So it's heavier than I would like.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you. My HP failed me at the worst moment yesterday. Have to tinker with it today to see if I can get it useable until I get a chance to get a new one.


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