Friday, June 15, 2012

Take a seat

P has always had a strong dislike to the wicker furniture I had at camp. His main complaint was how much room it took up when it was put away at the end of the season. So with the new camper I threw in the towel and gave C all my wicker. She of course was happy as a clam to have it all. I was getting used to having only the table and chairs on the porch, but really wanted additional seating so I took P to BB&B to look at a set of folding chairs. He deemed them "cheap as hell" and "too low" and informed me he like a different set. Funny this set has more pieces than the old wicker set....hmmmm, interesting. Anyhow, last Saturday afternoon I knew he was struggling between putting the furniture together or going fishing. Being the wonderful, supportive wife I am, I told him to get the hell out go fishing, I can handle putting the furniture together.

Then I looked at the instructions....

and all the pieces and felt a little sick....
but managed to get it all together with no extra parts!!!

and it even looks just like the stuff on the box!!!


kristie said...

"He deemed them "cheap as hell"" LOL! this sounds exactly like what Chris would say!

Tucker and Lola said...

Going to have to say he did a good job picking it out. I really like the furniture, much better than wicker!

dw said...

I'm impressed! Especially with the no extra parts part


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