Monday, November 14, 2011

Nostalgic November - Day 14 Fred

Back in 1987 P bought an antique truck - Fred.  Here's a way back photo showing the kids and I in it.  He has decided to sell Fred and we moved him out of the barn this weekend.  We'd like to get the kids to pose the same way for a memory photo!

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Fred 1987
 I think he is waivering on selling him.....
Fred - 2011


Sandy said...

Fred is too cute. He needs a Christmas decoration on him and you all get a family picture taken by it for Christmas...he's so red! I bet Fred will sell pretty quick.

Pam said...

It's still looking really good! I love the color.

Dana Orsborn said...

That's a pretty cool truck!
We hope you have a great week!

-Dana, Daisy and Bruce

pugsx4 said...

Love Red Fred!

Tucker and Lola said...

Love the idea of the memory photo! If you get it you must post them side by side so we can see them.
Shea-Lola and Tucker's Mom


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