Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our other pet

We wouldn't want all of you to think we ONLY love Pugs, so this post will be about my fish, GILL FINNY.

I inherited Gill in July of 2007. He came home with our son that summer and all the other assortment of aquatic pets. He originally hailed from our house in our son's room, but when he moved to Buffalo for he went. I am sure at that time he had no name. A nameless little fish swimming about with other nameless little fish. Anyhow, back to him becoming mine....that July he came and was residing in a fish tank in our dining room. It was....temporary. I believe there were also a few guppies with him. The tank filter was acting up, the guppies went to the rainbow bridge and Gill held on. It seemed ridiculous him swimming around in that tank, so I changed him into our vacant goldfish bowl. P said "he's never gonna last in that bowl" "he's a tropical fish, he needs air, he needs warm water"....well, he survived. When our son moved in December of that same year, he decided Gill should stay with us and become my fish. That's when I named him. I figured he seemed to be a lucky little fish...hence the Irish name! We figure Gill is probably at least 4 years old now...not sure what that is in fish years? Oh, and we're really not sure Gill is a boy???? Imean, how would I know?????

Rosie says.."arrrrr, I want to be in today's post too!"


Unknown said...

hahaha - this is a great post and that is a REALLY long time for a fish to live. I will have to do a post about my fish - I have a 45 gallon tank with quite a few fish buddies....Sometimes Clementine likes to turn into what we call "cat-dog" and will jump up on the piano and bat at them through the glass with her paw. Pretty sure she's half feline....

kristie said...

gill is the same color as the driftwood in his he a chameleon fish?

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Rosie doesn't appear to like fish!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Is Gill eating the same food as the pugs? he does look chubby! :P

"M" said...

Gill is very pretty! Do the pugs watch him swim around?

Anonymous said...

Gill is very lucky!
We had a beautiful turquoise siamese fighting fish for 3 plus years and when we went away one summer my house sitter over fed him and he died. His name was frog.
Gus uses me as a stretching post too :)

The Devil Dog said...

Well, Gill is very lucky, then, isn't he/she/it. hee hee. Thank you for introducing him to us.


Jemima Jones Beck said...

That is ANCIENT in fish years. My Mom had a fish named Meow Mix who lived for five years and when he died my vet said that he was the oldest small fish (he was a Beta Fighting Fish) that he had ever seen and that to a small fish like Meow Mix and Gill, each 6 months of human time equals 100 years of fish time!
Jemima Jones Beck

Archie and Melissa said...

hi punchy!
oh what a great post and i love your new header photo!
gill finney - what a great name!
m & e

Pam said...

I had no idea you had a fish and wow...four years!?

Puglette said...

nice to meet gill...i thought of the movie what about bob, he called his goldfish gill.I think it's an excellent name for a fish!


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