Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pug Family In Need

Normally I work quietly donating to organizations and families and not publishing it. You all know I donate 20% of my clothing sales to Pug Rescue groups all over the country. I realize these are tight times for many of us, but I was recently informed of a Pug family that needs help with a medical bill for their Pug.

The following is a message from Karen Powers- of Green Mtn Pug Rescue....

" I just wanted to tell you about this poor family in NH. She signed up to be a foster home- even knowing she is fighting terminal cancer. She talked to her family and they all agree they wanted to help our pugs-many from puppymills. Its such a selfless act of compassion! Her Pug Sirius swallowed a nyla bone whole and needed surgery to remove it and the intestine was partly removed due to being dead. The bill was 4500.00 and has to be paid prior to him coming home. You can imagine how devastated they are. I know times are hard for us all ( I am taking on a 2nd job myself), but if everyone here gave just 10.00 and sent this story to their pug friends, Maria would have Sirius back in her loving families arms tomorrow!! Here is the link to her fundable account- pls consider helping this needy, loving, compassionate family! Karen Powers"

As an update, Maria was able to get Sirius released. If you click on the "fundable account link" you can read about her and updates. Karen knows this woman personally, this is not a scam!



♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

GAH! did you get that email from Karen how the vet treated Maria?? Grrrr! I donated $20.00 yesterday...I hate to see a family in need being treated this way...she has enough going on just with her own health and should not have to worry about Sirius!

Nevis said...

Awww! Poor puggie!!! Poor Maria!

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing that with us...I went and gave a donation. I hope they are able to pay off that bill soon. That's just terrible to feel like your baby is being held hostage...but I'm so glad they were able to make him better.

The Devil Dog said...

When mom told the vet she couldn't pay for Roxy's ultrasound (in December) he said "I don't care about that!I care about Roxy!" They never sent mom a bill, knowing she would pay and she did, but she sure appreciated their willingness to work with her. This is an unbelievable story. Mom wishes she could help everyone who needs it.

In answer to your question, Mom adopted Muffie and Bridget when they were 5 yrs old. Their elderly owner passed away and the pug rescue wanted to make sure both dogs got adopted together. This was in 1993. Mom took them both. They were traumatized when mom got them, and followed her everywhere, even into the bathroom. They were really wonderful dogs. Bridget was full of it, you just can't tell from the photo.


Anonymous said...

Adorable pug


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