Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Real March 1st and sometimes a question is just a question...

I guess March 1st can mark the official first day of "going for the green". Here is my glowing St. P' Day tree. I have missplaced the closeups of glittery 4 leaf clovers and hats. The family is asking when this tree will be taken answer after Easter...they have all breathed a collective sigh of relief.
March has come in like a lion around here. Snow, blowing, freezing....6 more weeks until camp opens, hard to believe.
Also, all you commenters yesterday passed my little quiz...."should I get another Pug?" was just that a question. One to see if you all read to the pass. No more Pugs to this clan for a long, long time. Four is a houseful, a car full, and a bedfull.
Enjoy your weekend!


The Devil Dog said...

After Easter? Does it change color? From all green to pastels? Mom can't believe you can have so many decorations that your pugs don't get into. I was on the kitchen table when she came home today. And she had pushed the chairs what she thought was far away. Ha! I can get into anything.

It's getting out of it that is the trouble.


Sandy said...

I love the green st. patty tree! That's a checkbook full of pugs, too!

Priscilla said...


I was kind of hoping you'd be nuts enough to get a 5th. We could visit you every day and watch you unravel.

It would be fun!

For us anyway.


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