Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Etsy and the new grand NON PUG baby

I've finally added a link to my Esty store here on the blog. Right now there is only one item on there and I probably should have waited until I was really READY...but maybe this will give me the nudge I need.

I know your all wondering how I could have a granddaughter that is not a Pug. You know these kids can't tell them anything! Like everything else they make their own choices in pets. I have to say that long nosed, soon to be HUGE, puppy sure beats the heck out of other choices the son has made for pets...snakes, lizards, man eatting get the idea, right?

Let's just hope I'm not responsible for her when they go on their honeymoon next year!


kristie said...

yea! you have your etsy shop up and running. i'm very glad for you that the grandaughter has fur and not scales...and i'm sure you will keep her when they go on honeymoon!

Frances Louise said...

Mommy wants to know how to find your etsy shop . . . she wants to make me a 'styling pug!

Sandy said...

I reckon it is nice to have a warm blooded grandchild! Grandmothers make the cheapest and best know that baby will stay with you next year!

Magnolia Sun said...

congrats all around, looking forward to seeing everything you'll be making.

The Devil Dog said...

Mom agrees with you completely about the pets. She will not let the boy get anything that eats live animals or bugs of any kind or anything that requires tropical temperatures and grows to 5' in lenth.


AM said...

How smart of you to make several holiday ties and bundle them together to sell! That is so cute!


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