Thursday, October 25, 2012

Almost time!

Bride texting while getting her hair done.
We started the morning by all meeting at a local salon to get our hair done.  C got her makeup done too.  It was busy and festive with lots to nibble on and drink.  I was too anxious to do much of anything other than get my hair done and head to Walmart to pick up more ink!!!!  I had about 30 more programs that needed the insides printed on, plus the flower delivery and company coming!

The flowers arrived and I was able to finish up the printing and we got all the stuff for the church in the back of P's truck and then drove up the street to the hotel the girls all stayed at.

Getting in the truck with one last ride with her daddy to church

The happy bride and her nervous daddy
We got to church and all headed downstairs to the bridal room to get our dresses on and wait for all the guests to be seated.

Upstairs our adorable flower girls waiting for their debut.....
little L our great niece and in the middle bigger L who C has been nanny for since she was 3 months old!


stellaroselong said...

Those flowers are just beautiful...everything is beautiful!! Congrats
Stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...
Benny & Lily


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