Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sock Monkey Stewie

Here's Stewie in his new Sock Monkey hat I created for him. It matches his new harness/collar/leash set! I will be bringing these to my booth at the Green Mountain Pug Social and will take special orders too.


tubby3pug said...

That is too cute, LOVE IT!

urban hounds

stellaroselong said...

Oh my gosh my mom is going nuts over stewies will have to let her know when she can order one etc....stewie looks thrilled?????????
Stella Rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my word!!!
Benny & Lily

Southern Fried Pugs said...

We don't get the sock monkey thing, but we have friends that love them! We'll keep an eye on your shop to let them know!

dw said...

Stewie, you're stylin'! You don't look real thrilled about it, but you're wicked cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi i have been following your Blog for about a year i just saw stewies hat and i have to have one for George his birthday is the nineth he will be 13 How can i order one?

Oakley and Swisher said...

Mom thinks that is soooo cute. I know fur sure I would not be able to wear that thing, let alone move in in. -Oakley

You're a trooper for letting ur Mom dress u up. I love my sock monkey bed tho. -Swisher

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Elgor82 said...

Oh Stewie ... what were you thinking???

You KNOW our mama is going to think we need some of these but you know as well as we do that we are quite happy without them!

And we thought we was furiends ... BOL!!!

Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

Anonymous said...

Stewie, that sock monkey hat is the most adorable thing ever. But such horrors at having to wear these things, eh? My heart goes out to you.

Woofs and snuffles,

Lola Pug

Anonymous said...

I was having such a bad day until I saw Stewie. Funnies thing ever. Love it.


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