Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Wheels

A few months ago P finally got his new wheels!  His old Durango needed more fixing than it was worth! We must have sounded pretty crazy to the salesperson when we kept saying..."no, not good for the Pugs", "no not enough room for the Pugs".  I have to admit the ride is VERY nice, although so far Chloe is the only furry one of the family to go for a ride.  In fact I have not even driven it yet!  I'm just fine relaxing in the passenger seat!


Sandy said...

Nice ride! It is important to consider the telling what the car dealers hear from people.

Wilma said...

Sweet ride! You know we like to say that Brigitte's profile resembles the front end of a Dodge Ram, maybe someday we can compare her to your Ram!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Cool wheels! When I bought my new vehicle, it was all about the pugs. Fawn colored interior. Car instead of truck. A weight sensor that keeps the airbag from going off in the front seat. A four door car instead of a pick up makes my life soooo much easier when dealing with three. I can't imagine 6!


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