Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ready for Christmas?

Wow, I really can't believe it's the countdown to Christmas!!! I'm not sure about anyone else, but this year I am frankly JUST NOT READY.  We have an out of town wedding this weekend and instead of saying to myself...let's have fun, I'm saying "how the heck am I going to get it all  done???? "  I think the main problem this year is my complete lack of focus!  Sort of feel like a fish with two tails. 
This is how my evening looks: Post Office on way home from work; Kohl's to purchase a particular gift for my husband (and no P I'm not telling here!); Sewing project for wedding to finish, craft projects to finish; ALL gifts to wrap; and loving my furry ones in between!
If your as bad as I am and still at a loss of what to get your dog loving friends OR perhaps yourself?  Pop over and visit my Etsy shop.  The last day to ship Priority Mail packages in time for Christmas is December 21st!!! I have gift certificates available in any denomination and will wrap and ship your purchase direct to the recipient if you want!!!


pugsx4 said...

Hey Punchy,
I know what you mean I just don't seem to have it together this year.
Call or email me if you are going to be able to stop by this weekend during your wedding trip.


Pam said...

Yeah, it's been a hectic one for us as well. It's just always so late when we get home in the evenings (after work activities) and then it seems as if we've been tied up on the weekends for months now. I'm ready for the holidays to be over and things to SLOW down.
I haven't wrapped a single thing either.

Tucker and Lola said...

I just can't get in the mood this year for some reason. I wanted to put my tree up but once that was finished I really am not caring much about the rest. I love the collars and ties, so cute!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Same here. Between school and work, December just snuck up on us. And I have today to do all the laundry that's been sitting for a month before I can start packing for our trip. So much to do.


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