Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year - Welcome babies!

Here are photos of our new baby and her family!

Here our human sister holds her favorite puppy!

Our family took a trip to visit the new puppies. They are so, so, tiny! The new mama is doing a great job. It is all about the puppies are our friends house! We love them all. We will pick our baby out in a week or so. Our human sister has her favorite. Mom really wants to see them with their eyes open. We will love whoever they pick.


Puggyspice said...

Such wonderful news! They are so adorable. Do you have any names picked out? Or are you just going to let the puglet sort of name herself once she chooses you?

Punchbugpug said...

We are thinking of naming her Bailey Rose and calling her Rosie. There were supposed to be born Christmas Day and we were going to name her Holly, but I don't think she wanted that name! We may change our mind once we see her sweet little personality!

Sandy said...

They are so little!!! That is so exciting and soon you will have a good time watching all the pugs get to know each other. Our Chichi was our first and when we brought Tiny home, Chichi started shaking like she was scared of was so funny. But they are best of friends. There was a lot of rough play in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Ah! So tiny and cute! I didnt get to know Alfred and Holly when they were puppies ( got them as adult rescues) but I have seen pug puppies before and they are SO precious. Yall are so lucky!!!

Punchbugpug said...

We are so blessed to get yet another puppy! I told myself in bed last night that this will probably be the last puppy we get. I always feel selfish getting a puppy when there are "needy" Pugs out there! We don't have many in our area, but I do work with placing the ones I find in loving homes! My little part! My hubby says I would have 20 if I could! Wouldn't we all????

Chan the pug said...

Coooool! Same birthday as me!!!!!!! The mom is keeping a good watch on the favorite pup, don't you think? The more pugs, the better!!!


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