Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh, the leaves are falling

Mom and dad spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning up the yard. When mom took us out at 6am....more! That silly cat that came to live in our barn was laying in mom's flowers and holding very, very, still. I think she was just waiting for us to make a wrong move. She has kittens and mom said there were 4, but now we only see 3. Mom and our neighbor have been trying to "catch" these little kittens for weeks. The mama cat is nice (even though she doesn't like dogs) mom hold her and she purrs...but those babies are crazy! Mom grabbed one the other day and you should have heard it. The noise was terrible and mom tried to put it into the cage, but it got away. She says she is wearing dad's leather work gloves from now on! She doesn't want to get "cat scratch fever". Well, we have to go take a nap, while mom goes back outside...looks like a lazy day.

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