Saturday, November 03, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 3

Today's we're having a cup of Folger's.

I was up until midnight sewing and thought I might sleep in until 8:30am, but P messed with the Pugs and there was no sleep in for me....sigh. I decided it was a good morning for this cup...P bought it for me. Real funny P. But, I got to make the coffee and it was mild and fresh for a change.

On the weather front, there was frost out there this morning. We may have to break down and call my dad to start up the motor on the boiler. My dad believes that everyone should "fix the old" instead of buying the new. HE put the boiler in our house before I was BORN! We have talked about a new one for YEARS, but he says the new stuff is "junk". I guess he would know since he does plumbing and heating for a living, but honestly can we talk more efficient????? Anyhow, the leaves are finally turning golden, although still a lot of green around...very strange. We'll probably be raking at Thanksgiving!
I am off to meet-up with the gang. It's about an hours drive for a couple of hours of playtime, but heck I'm crazy right?


Paula said...

Not crazy at all Punchy, I will do driving 2 hours for 2 hours worth of pug meetup in just a couple of weeks. Have pugs ..... will follow!

rpm said...

I love that coffee cup...I wish I had a few of those to give out when I worked at my former office! Frost sounds good. We might get frost once or twice a winter...usually January or February. I wish I were as brave as you and could drive all the way up there to visit and enjoy that cold air.

Pam said...

Beautiful photos of the trees. I hope you had a great time at your meet-up today!


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