Sunday, May 01, 2016

17!!! Marty is 17!

Today our boy turns 17!  We can hardly believe it.  For those that have never read Marty's story, he joined our family at the age of 7.  His back story one of a family breakup, a temp home, another temp home, then another.  The call came in to me...old dog, going blind, not working out.  The next day I met to pick him up to deliver to rescue an hour from home.  Something happened on that ride...we connected.  When we reached our destination he did NOT want to leave my car.  I felt horrible.  My rescue friend assured me she would find him a great home quickly.  We chatted over the next two weeks.   Nothing was clicking for him.  So....there I went driving back to rescue to adopt him!  He made #4 in our family and our first boy.  He had cancer surgery, oral troubles and occasionally would have a seizure time faint.  At 9 the vet told us to be prepared as he could probably "go" after one of his episodes....and now this guy is turning 17 years old!  He fooled them all!!!  He is now blind and deaf and other old man issues, but he gets around the house just fine, barks for dinner and knows when his mama is around...that's good enough for me!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016

Zoey turns 12

Our little peanut Zoey is turning 12 today! 12 years old!!!  She is our number two little Pug.  We thought Chloe was lonely, so we got her a baby sister.  For two years it was just these the twosome.  Zoey always a little spitfire.  Her mama died about two weeks after she was born from a head injury from a fall.  She was wet nursed by a bull dog and then I became her mama.  She has had her rough patches through the years, but now she's 12!  Happy Birthday Peanut!
Chloe and Zoey sunbathing by the pool

Oh she loved those stuffed "germs"

First day home!

Turning two!

Waiting at the bus stop with mama.

Getting a little more gray, but the dress still fits!


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