Monday, November 19, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 19

This mug was in the back row of my cupboard. It's a "different" type of mug. I think I've had it for almost 20 years...maybe longer. Wow, I'm getting old!
Yesterday, I took a day off from sewing and went to a baby shower. It was on the other side of the city at a party house. I had forgotten what a HUGE baby shower was like. Three hours later we stopped at the mall out that way. I have not been there in many years and what did I see, but a Disney Store. We walked around in there and discussed the items that C would have wanted and probably gotten. Time sure does fly. I'm not too fond of that mall so we headed back home to go to the plaza near our house. C wanted three things from Target....Starbucks on the way bedroom curtains.....Pizza Hut breadsticks on the way out. We walk in and the steamer machine at SB is broken....okay, so back to the curtains....NOTHING GOOD. So go through to leave and NO BREADSTICKS! If C was 5 she would have had a meltdown at this point! We went over to Joanne's to look at fabric for me to make the curtains....nothing she liked that would have worked out. Finally back home. We just were getting settled in and my dad and A showed up to see how I was feeling. By the time they left it was after 7pm and not a very constructive sewing day! I did finish up one project and called it a day.


girlville said...

oh, i would have had a meltdown in target anyways if all that had happened to me!!!

Mrs. D said...

What a neat mug - it's so different. I like it!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

That is a super cool mug! Good thing C doesn't throw tantrums any more - LOL!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

That Mug looks like a Pillar on a Big House! Cool!
OMG Whitey would of have a MELTDOWN for sure! Gotta love that age...Tori wold of just tossed a few words about it and would move on hoping to find something at another store...( where Whitney would still be having a melt down!)
sounds like a fun filled day with "C"....Tori would really like her I bet!

Clover said...

Broken Starbucks steamer?!! Aaah, that would have been devastating for me... I have a small problem... lol.
Let us know when you have some things on Etsy! I love it there!

Frances Louise said...

Bad day. You are pretty persistent -- I would have just crawled into bed.

rpm said...

sounds like a fun day of shopping and a baby shower..hope there were some good treats at the shower. I am trying to imagine what your cupboard looks like with all the coffee cups in it! Thanks for the link to your etsy account.


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