Sunday, November 18, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 18 & 500th Post!!!!

Today's cup of coffee is served up in a Harley Davidson mug P got while visiting the plant in York, PA.
He was traveling for his previous company and made a couple of trips to the York area. The packaging company he was doing accredidations for made arrangements for him to have a tour of the Harley factory. Being a motorcycle man - he loved it. There was talk of us moving to the area, but I was way too nervous to relocate. C was a senior in highschool, R was in community college, my dad still lived with us....way too much baggage to do a move!


girlville said...

500 posts! that's fabulous.

Frances Louise said...

Those motorcycle people are everywhere -- we have a Harley-Davidson club up here in Alaska!


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