Wednesday, November 28, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 28

This mornings coffee was served up in this mug...guess this really isn't "sweet and juicy" strawberry season, but heck, a girl can dream.

Thought I'd also share with you our huge sugar bowl! This sugar bowl graced my grandparents table since before I was born. (I know a long time, no smart comments!) Anyhow, my grandmother left this for us when we bought the house. It is Sterling Silver and marked USN on the bottom. I know we didn't have any Navy men in our family, so I can only assume that she got it at some kind of sale after WWII.

Dishes and mugs mugs may come and go in our house, but the sugar bowl stays!

Special request for Sandy.... here's Marty for you!


Magnolia Sun said...

What a lovely sugar bowl and special too. Marty is such a cute thing.

Frances Louise said...

Mommy thinks that sugar bowl is pretty awesome.

rpm said...

I love you, Marty!! He has such a small mouth in that picture. I love the sugar bowl...that is so special.

girlville said...

that's so neat about the sugar bowl. it must be neat to live in a house with 'history'. marty is so cute!

Shannon said...

I love his little silver beard!


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