Friday, November 16, 2007

30 Days of Coffee - Day 16

Today some of you may recognize my mug. Perhaps you'll get yours down out of the cupboard and join me in a cup of coffee (or fav drink).
Yesterday P called me when he got home from work and said I had a package from Florida...oh, I know what that is!


These are DEE-LI-CIOUS! It is fun to receive them (although it costs Sandy a fortune to send them!!!!). Seems weird to think she and her family picked them out of her backyard, washed them up and now their here in upstate New York!!!

So P and I ate some before dinner....

Then for after dinner my son brought us home a small cheesecake from you know where....

Honestly, I only had the tiniest of pieces as it was a 7 inch cheesecake. I prefer mine without the strawberries, but suffered through! Wish I could have shared with you Sandy!

Stay tuned later tonight for Shanny's photo project challenge.


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I got some satsumas too! Isn't Sandy sweet? That cheesecake looks unbelievably rich! Woman says she misses having you here to split desserts with. Come back to our house Punchy! We miss you!

rpm said...

And while you're going to Goodboy Normans, just plan on coming down here, too, and bring me that cheesecake while you're at it. I'm glad you all like the satsumas...I wish I could send more but the postage just keeps going up. Your shipping zone was more expensive than Lisa's zone and I was surprised by that! There is a little town in Alabama called Satsuma...I bet they have a lot of these things growing there.

AM said...

I got satsumas too and they are FANTASTIC! WOW! look at that cheesecake! but I wouldnt want all that whip cream though.

girlville said...

i got satsumas too! that cake looks crazy good. i would have eaten half of it.

♥PugPosse♥ said... I am starting to get worried! everyone got their box of Satsumas! I think my got lost and some one is enjoying them! Boo! If they don't get here tomorrow I am going on a MAN HUNT! so I guess I will ask you what I asked Girlville...Can you save me one Satsuma just in case mine don't make it? I will have to ask each one of you to save just one just so I can have enough to satisfy me! Just kidding ...I know they will get here...that's the Price I have to pay living the farthest Up North! I have to wait an extra day or 2! Boo!

Hey I am using that mug right now..not Coffee in it though... I have WINE in it! lol this is the Coolest Wine Glass ever! LOL

The Devil Dog said...

Mom says she will take your strawberries. Looks yummy.
Wow, you have lots of coffee mugs. They are all so cool.
Too bad mom doesn't drink coffee. But dad does.



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