Sunday, October 22, 2006

What happened to the weekend?

Is it really 11:20pm on Sunday night????? Wow! Friday, my son did not leave with his fully packed car - his ex-boss was holding his pay hostage...people are strange! He ended up sleeping in the den, since his futon was in his car! Saturday he hung around and went to my nephew's engagement party, then drove to Buffalo to finally unpack the car. Hubby and I went to my co-workers wedding! We had a fun time, but were home by midnight, as my hubby says our Durango turns into a pumpkin then! This morning my son came back into town for the next load. We were going to drive the Durango all packed up and he was going to drive his car. Hubby decided we were taking WAY too long with the packing/throwing/sorting so it was decided that I would drive the Durango. My son didn't want me driving "alone" so he said he would ride with me and then come back and return later with his own car. When it got to be 1pm we decided it would be better that I follow him. We stuffed both vehicles to the brim, then went to Target to get him some supplies. I ended up buying him a coffee maker, coffee table, coffee, filters, creamer (see a theme here????) we topped off the purchase with soup, spaghetti o's, ramen noodles and pudding. So off we went, if I ever need to find their place in the future I am in trouble. I had myself all backwards. It was pouring rain, so I brought a few things in and he put the coffee table together. When his fiance' got home - there was DEEP discussion over the placement of his dresser and 100 gallon fish tank. Finally at 8pm the truck was empty, I wished them luck, my son walked me to my car and I managed to hold it all together...until I got in the truck. I a little lost...cried some more. Funny, I am not crying because my fully capable 23 year old son is moving....I'm crying for that little 6 year old boy who said he was going to live with me forever. I blinked my eyes and he is gone.


Priscilla said...

I often see my 23 yo son that way. As a little pink fuzzy haired blob fresh from the hospital. Missing teeth with chocolate ice cream all over his face. Bloody knees from learning how to skate. Now he's all grown up and taking care of his own life. We moms did a great job.

Have some tea, cry, and be very proud of yourself.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

It's ok to cry :)

rpm said...

Oh, I feel for you. Aren't you glad you have three little puggy girls that won't leave home?? Exciting time for your son!

Kara said...

It's ok Punchy! My parents are here visiting this week, and I'm certain mom would kidnap me and take me back to live with her if she thought that would work!

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't of blinked, it happens to quick!


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