Thursday, October 05, 2006

Black Cloud??? Harvest Moon????? or Full Moon?????

I have previously posted about my son's black cloud. Things just don't seem to go right for him...alot. Today's mini disaster. I work until 5pm - at 4:59 pm my son (age 23) calls me - mild hysteria, muffled....seems he went down our main staircase head first. I quickly drove home to find him icing his face, off to Urgent Care...fractured jaw, sprained finger. Head back home, stop at CVS to fill pain rx. Now he's VERY hungry, but can't chew or close his mouth. A little yogurt, some soup broth, and last night's left over squash. Back to CVS to pickup rx. Back home dispense drugs and some motherly advice to take one day at a time and go to bed....added instructions were to knock on my door before attempting stairs. Tomarrow we will be seeing our doctor and getting an oral surgeon referral.


rpm said...

Man, I hate to hear that. That is so scary and just glad he didn't break his neck or worse. But the injuries he does have, I'm sure hurt plenty. I would take advantage of some mashed potatoes and ice cream shakes at this time.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

OUCH! He didn't trip over a pug I hope? That is one of my fears, I am always afraid of doing something like that...How Awful! is his Jaw wired shut? Brad's brother broke his jaw and had to blend all his food up in the blender to eat...(BLECH!) This must be so hard for him. (and you) I hope you get some good news at the DR. wishing you all the luck!

Jodie said...

:( i'd say all of the above (the title). Things sure do go wacky at full moon time. Poor guy, best wishes to him for a speedy recovery, that's gotta hurt something fierce :( good luck at the dr's office, hope for good news, and good pain meds, and i agree with sandy, mashy taters and ice cream, always do the trick :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no - that's terrible! Good thing you were able to come to him so quickly and make sure everything was ok. I hope he hears good news tomorrow and recovers quickly.


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