Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Funny, when I started reading blogs it seemed like a fun way to meet people and puggies and others. Read funny stuff. Look at cute photos.

Now I see more. Although we may never meet, we have all become friends. We laugh with each other, give advice, and cry with each other. Little Gizmo's passing touched each of us. We all loved him and prayed for him and Kara, Alan, and Kritter and we've never met! Our prayers continue for others who are sick and suffereing and others continue to join our circle of friends.

The world is an amazing place. I am proud to "know" you all! Keep blogging...together we make the world a better place.



Richard said...

Word so true. We have made so many friends since we came to the USA, and so many of them through the internet and blogging.

Gizmo's passing was a sad event, and the hurt we are feeling for a pug we never met other than via the blog is so real.

Our thoughts are with Kara and her family today.


rpm said...

Punchy, that is so true. That's exactly how I feel. I sure wish we could all meet one day and maybe that will happen by some chance.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Wow Punchy, I think you spoke for all of us. I feel the same way. so true. I feel like I have known you and other fellow bloggers all my life. we have never met but we know so much about one another. seen the inside of our homes, shared our dreams and talked about personal feelings and issues. it amazes me that a computer can connect us and allow us to create bonds with out ever meeting. If It wasn't for Blogger I would of never met special people like you.

Leah said...

This is so true, I feel so sad about Gizmo even though we never met him in person.

I agree, it would be so fun to all meet one day.

Anonymous said...


Said perfectly, for all.

Going to give Bandit and Paisley an extra hug right now. I just discovered Gizmo passed when I came here this morning. Tears are flowing heavily.

PS.....I replied to your question in my post.

Pug Hugs ... Paula

alfredsmom said...

Exactly. All of you are my best friends. If I lived near Kara and Alan, I would bring them a meal.

Kara said...

Ya'll are all so special to me - there's just not much else I can say!

-*- Nicole & Sadie -*- said...

Took the words out of all of mouths and anounced it to the community! I sure do care so much for all of our Pug blogging friends and any of the extended communities we become friends with!

They say Love makes the world go around but I think a scoop of love and a handful of pugs will do ya :o)


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