Friday, October 13, 2006

Off we go

Leaving at 4pm for the great, cold north! Brrrrrr. First stop the new camp...pray things work out there!!!! Second stop dinner. Dinner meaning actually going INTO the restaurant and not getting Wendy's take-out with dogs dancing for fries. Third stop - camp. Taking lots of extra blankets..but no Pugs. Boohoo. It's too confusing with them when it's close up time and since we're moving in the Spring, we need to do some real packing up! Hopefully we'll be back early tomarrow before they notice we're even gone......yeah right!


Anonymous said...

My guess is they will notice you are gone the minute you walk out the door without them.

Kara said...

Hi Punchy,
I'm at
Tell Paisley happy b-day!
Your phantom camp story sounds like something that would happen to me.
I'm so glad your son's jaw is doing well with no treatment. Alan broke his jaw in high school playing basketball and had to have it wired for six weeks. It was pure torture for him - he got so hungry for chicken fried steak that his mom put one in a blender and he drank it. Yeeech.

Kara said...

sorry, I had a blond moment - I'll tell Paula to wish Paisley a happy b-day!


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