Friday, October 20, 2006

Rooms for rent Part II

Still no sign of packing in my dad's room. My son took his futon apart today and it is stuffed in his car. There have been many loads of wash done and folded. There still seems to be alot of stuff in that room. He was going to take this car load to Buffalo, but his (ex)boss seems to be holding his paycheck hostage. That will hopefully all work out without me "handling" him. Since my son was stuck here in town, I told him it was a good night to sort, throw, and pack....his answer "too depressing to think I'll never sleep in that room again"...what could I say to that? He has had the same room for almost 19's gone from Dinosaurs, to the Sea, to Snowboarding/Skateboarding. At one point an entire wall was done in clippings of Snowboarding and the opposite wall was Skateboarding. I have to looked very cool. Now it looks like a really messy room that needs cleaning, spackling, and painting.

Wow, it feels empty already.


Anonymous said...

Oh Punchy, this brings back when my oldest son moved out last year. How I miss that mess he made! I still have empty nest even though I am left with another son, daughter, and 2 pugs.

alfredsmom said...

SO, um, I can come for a visit then? ;)


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