Thursday, October 12, 2006

I may be loosing my mind...I'll let you know later!


Now, as some of you know, hubby and I have been attempting to move to a new campground. Our names got put on a waiting list back in April. In August when we went back to check the status..seems we got overlooked. There was a site that was available #37, but another family had already been called and given an opportunity to rent it. We looked at a couple of trailors for sale, but none were as big or as nice as the one we already we decided to hang in there and wait and wait and wait....Well, this weekend our present campground is closing. The new campground is also closing, so I decided to give one last call today. There was no answer, but I left a voice mail message to please call me. They called me back and at first couldn't quite remember who I was...come on, how many times have I talked with them and gone there??? Anyhow, they finally found our info (back on page one) on the waiting list. They said there was only one site available, seems the gentlemen that had it has cancer and will not be able to #37???? So tomarrow right after work hubby and I will drive there, take ANOTHER look at the phantom site #37, and hopefully secure a spot to move to in April. After that we will continue the drive up to our camper to freeze our butts off, I mean spend the night! It will probably be a real "ghost" town. Rumor has it there are only 3 families (us included) left to close up! A scene from THE SHINING. Unfortunately the girls will be staying home. We can get things much faster without them underfoot!

Meantime, my son's jaw seems to be doing okay, must be all that pudding! It is snowing, REALLY snowing just west of here and our furnace is still not turned on. Looks like a 3 Pug night!


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

A 3 Pug night! Ha-Ha! If it gets any colder, you'll have to get some more Pugs!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Paisley's birthday wishes.

Good luck with closing up everything and #37.

LOL.....I am all for what Normal said, time to get that 4th pug. .


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