Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday - Dark - Rainy, but an extra hour of sleep!

Busy today. Hubby won another motorcycle for parting the deal was if he took me to Home Depot for paint, I'd ride with him to pick up the motorcycle. So off we went...$202 later, I got the paint for my son's room, my dad's room and the office. I also got some really strong coverage primer for my son's room...being black! We stopped home, dropped off the paint and hooked up the trailor. Off we went, as we traveled west we left the rainy weather behind and it became sunny...yeah! Took care of the pick up business and went back home to see my son and his gf on our sofa watching tv. His comment to us....well, I see your all prepared for my I sense a little sadness???? Anyhow, he has been in town since Thursday and has only entered his room once. It could be a long time until I use that paint! So my daughter is working, son and gf are at yet another party and hubby and I went to Uno's for dinner and are now going to watch tv. I need to find something Halloween themed, which he won't watch! lol

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