Saturday, October 14, 2006

37 is ours!

Well, we drove to the new camp and #37 was the site that we liked before. The story behind getting this site sounds like "a series of unfortuante events"! Quite honestly, the waiting list, empty sites and all the unmade phone calls all turned out okay! Hubby loves that we will be in a wooded area....and it's time for a change.

Here hubby looks from front area out towards the lake. Yes, it is freezing and drizzling rain! UGH!!!!

Here he is looking at the deck that was left behind, we'll probably work off this deck with the deck we have now. He promises that he will rail the deck so the girls can safely enjoy it outside - and I can relax about it! At our present campground they would not allow any new decks with rails.

Here's a side view of the deck...I like the hostas along it!

The lake was fairly rough. I love the sound the waves hitting the shore!

I keep forgetting to take photos of the bay side. The bay is beautiful and calm, even when the lake is rough. Now hubby can fish ALL THE TIME!!!!

After we signed our contract we headed up to camp to close. We stopped and ate and got in around 10pm. Hubby got the propane tank hooked up and it was warm and cozy before we knew it. I packed a lot of the photos and stuff I had about the place. Our friends were up closing too and hubby stopped over for a quick hello. He told them we were moving and NJ sister was very upset. She said she was NOT telling PA sister and her hubby yet. We went over this am for a visit before really getting into the closing part. She told me she was very sad about us leaving, but she understands we need to leave. It is very hard for me seeing my dad's place gone..not just vacant gone! I have been traveling and staying there for almost 24 years. I just would rather start fresh and make some new memories! It was pouring when we finished up...we went over for our goodbyes...and she cried. We'll be going to NJ for her son's wedding in May....we have email...heck, maybe she'll move too!

So tomarrow we are going to the RV show, maybe we'll just trade our's in and really start fresh! More likely we will just look around and decide we like our's just fine!

By the way, my daughter said the girls were depressed while we were gone. They didn't want to settle down last night for bed...of which I told her exactly how she should take them to bed with her! This morning Rosie and Chloe didn't want to get up either. Her words were "your girls are pathetic"....yep, pathetic, yep, spoiled....oh, well, that's the breaks!


rpm said...

Punchy, your new spot is beautiful. I love the Christmas trees I see in the picture. The lake looks as big as the ocean! I like the idea of "starting new" and I bet it is emotional for you and your friends. Isn't it nice to know your little girls missed you??

Jodie said...

Looks like a beautifull spot you'll have. You can now make new memories :) Too bad about the closing up weather, but atleast you weren't there to spend the weekend, you'd be stuck inside the whole time. It'll all work out just fine.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Yeah! We moved to a new site too! We are site 56! So private no neighbors. we have a nice view of the lake where we are now. I took pictures so I will post it soon. Were you as sad as me packing up and winterizing your camper? 7 months in counting 'till we can return to the camp. Brad is looking into a screen-room for our deck so I can keep the door open and allow the girls to go in and out with out me having to make sure the girls don't run out and take off....besides this will make another room for us. too bad our camps are so far apart from eachother...we would have a blast..scrap-booking, stamping, walking the pug girls, BBQ's....
I love your new place...can't wait to see what you do to it in the spring......

Anonymous said...

Your new spot is awesome. I love the surroundings and the lake. Hostas around the deck are my favorite greens.....what an added bonus.

Someday...I would love to start camping. In the meanwhile, I'll live through your tales.

Priscilla said...

How beautiful! Camping is such a relaxing thing. How exciting! A new camp to fix up. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


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