Monday, October 09, 2006

Long weekend update

We did not end up going to camp to close this weekend. After my son's little "accident", hubby decided to rest up on Friday. On Saturday we decided to close the pool..ugh! I put up my fall decorations while we drained a couple feet of water out, then helped clean the filter, etc. I can never figure out why we don't close the pool sooner or why it seems like such a big deal. There really is nothing to closing up the pool. In the afternoon we headed off to hubby's class summer party. I really didn't want to go, but we left our house around 3pm and never came back home until 9:30pm! It's always interesting to see people "once a year". When hubby graduated his school was guys only, so all us wives have one thing in common...we didn't go to that school! Sunday we met for breakfast with my dad, his girlfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and my niece and nephew. We had an enjoyable breakfast, went back to my sister's for a bit and then took the girls to Pug Meetup. The weather was so beautiful. Chloe really enjoys meetup. She is the only one I allow off-leash!! The other two were off for a bit, but then I was so nervous I put them back on their leashes so I could socialize too! Today I had off from work. I organized my closet. I packed away summer and brought out fall/winter..ugh!!! I love fall, but winter...well....a little is okay! I washed the siding by the front door, on the landing on a ladder, thinking the whole time about falling. Trimmed my roses, washed the picture window in my kitchen (inside and out), another ladder experience. I also did several loads of wash and then took a nice long walk. I think tonight I may be tired! I have off Tuesday too, I may just snuggle and read with Pugs all day!

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rpm said...

Wow, you got a lot done! I stuck my foot in the pool here yesterday and it felt good. We've had problems with the polaris and FINALLY the man came yesterday and it seems to be fixed....almost in time to not go swimming anymore.


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