Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rain, rain go away

Okay the weather sucks here right now. I am sick of the rain, so I am going to focus on puppies!!!! Aren't they adorable! Isn't it amazing their tails are straight?

I realized today that all those cute little outfits I have made for the girls, now require a co-ordinating baby outfit....what's a crazy Pug mom to do? I have two of everything! My daughter keeps telling me Zoey is going to need therapy as she will be the "middle" child. That soon to be middle child is under my feet as I keyboard.

Our server at work got a virus through Outlook. All our computer guy kept saying was "this is really not good". Anyone else out there have trouble? We heard microsoft was working on a patch due out 1/10. Not sure how they helps now.


Brandi said...

ohh pug babies! They are adorable!

Pugley said...

That poor Pug Mommy...she looks so sad/tired. She must be exhausted having those little babies! But their soooo cute!!!


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