Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Baby Photos

We couldn't ask for our baby to come from a better place. They are so loved and well taken care of...look at them grow!


Sunset's Puppies said...

THESE BABIES are ADORABLE. It is such a shame that Pugs have to get big, they are so cute as puppies (but still adorable as adults too) I hope you guys can make your decision.......I can see it is VERY hard!!!! Thank God we only had TWO pups to pick from when we got our MaltePoo pup last year!

alfredsmom said...

That does look like they are well taken care of by the breeder. Good job! And they are DEFINETLY very cute. Good luck picking one out.

mypugsblog said...

What gender of pup are you going to take home? We had a hard time deciding which pup to pick from the breeder - and in the end Meimei and Miko chose each other! I bet you can't wait to take one home!

Punchbugpug said...

Sunset's puppies..yes they are adorable. It would be fun if they stayed little, longer! The family says it's my decision and are not making the trip with me tomarrow to choose.

Alfredsmom...yes, she makes sure they get plenty of eatting, loving, and socializing! Thanks, for the good luck wishes.

mypugsblog....we are getting a female. Thank goodness we wanted another female as there was only one male!

rpm said...

I'm in love with them

Punchbugpug said...

I am taking my video camera tomarrow too. I've never picked before!


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