Monday, January 16, 2006

Martin Luther King Day - yahoo another day off!

Thankfully our law office takes all the holidays off. IF the Courts are closed so are we! Makes it nice after the holidays to have that one Monday off in January and February!

The hubby had his work Holiday Party this past weekend. One of the events at this party was "The Newlywed Game". They picked four couples...and you guessed it we got chosen. Well, the hubby was astonished at my answers..when asked "ladies, what is one thing your husband does that you hate?" my reply....leaves his underwear on the bathroom floor. I thought he would pass out! It was so hilarious and he was mortified. There was one grand prize winner for a $50 dinner certificate and they gave the rest of us $25 dinner certificates for making fools out of ourselves. Everyone kept coming up to me for the rest of the night telling me what a good sport I was and how they would have hated doing it. I thought it was fun...heck, I don't work with those people!!!! One person at each table also got to take home the centerpiece. Made for a nice addition to my kitchen table.

Yesterday I went to Joann Fabrics and bought new flowers for the wicker planter on my front enclosed porch. I got the planter during the summer and have changed the flowers for summer, fall, Christmas, and now Valentine's Day. I just have to remember to pick the flowers away in a place where I will actually remember and label each container accordingly. I also got a garland of roses to put around front door and red doily hearts to put in the cupola windows. My neighbors requested that I NOT remove the candle lights from the cupola right away. They say it looks very welcoming. I have to figure out some way to have them turn on and off during the daylight hours. In case some of you don't know what a cupola is also called a "widows walk"..basically a small room above the attic with windows on all sides. Ours is only about 6 feet by 8 feet. I used to play up there when I was a kid..I loved it. My kids never went up there. They were too afraid to go thru the attic....ghosts and stuff!

So today I packed away the lighthouse village from our Den and put together the sewing/cutting table my husband got me for Christmas. It is HUGE. I won't be opening that full size in my current sewing space in the office. Guess I'll have to wait for my son to move!


Sandy said...

Oh, I'd love to see more of your house!! I would still be too scared to go up through the attic too.

My Pugs Blogger said...

I love your blog! I will make sure to add you guys as a friend! I can't wait to see those puppies grow! We got our Miko from a breeder and got to watch her change and grow too - it was awesome.

Punchbugpug said...

Ragus - Thanks for the nice comments. Nah, you wouldn't be scared of the attic...well....maybe a little.

Mypug - thanks for adding us as a friend. We'll be posting lots of baby photos.


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