Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Zoey was sitting by my stove and I realized that my towel has Pugs on it and the magnet on my fridge is almost as big as she is! She used to bark at the magnet, but finally gave up about it.

The puppies are growing...here is a photo of them. Seems one is always facing the opposite as the others. We will be picking ours out this weekend. I imagine it will be no easy task. They now have their eyes fully open and play...adorable for sure!


Anonymous said...

Im voting fo that one in the middle with its head looking up at mama pug. It dares to be different. ;)

Punchbugpug said...

Funny, I said the same thing. My friend says they are all a little different acting...already. Seems in a lot of the photos she sends me there is always one or two going the opposite way. I wonder if it's always the same one?

Sandy said...

I love the magnet. Zoey looks like she's content over there...is there heat coming from the stove? I'd love to get my hands on those little ones.


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