Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My turn at the computer....finally

Now that college classes have resumed and the hubby works straight third shift, it is a fight for the computer. Seems every time someone gets on, the hubby wants on too. He sits in the chair next to the desk and stares you down until you give in and sign off. I hate that! He just loves surfing ebay and driving us all nuts.

Anyhow, not I got my turn and have nothing exciting to talk about. I went out to dinner tonight with an old co-worker and then came home and cooked dinner...does that make sense?

Here is a link to a novel by Alison Pace that will be coming out on May 2, 2006, anyone interested in hearing more about the book, go to:


I'll have to add it to my Pug library.


alfredsmom said...

I hadnt heard of that book. If you get it and read it, post if it was good or not.

Punchbugpug said...

She is planning on donating a few books for our Fall Pug Event. Probably by then I will have already bought and read the book. I will do a review once I've read it!


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