Friday, January 20, 2006


These are some sweet, rhinestone slide letters I purchased to make name collars for the girls. The one with Rosie on it is actually a bracelet. This will probably fit for a week! HAHA I've been trying to locate collars to fit these on, but so far have only been able to find ones that are 12". Seeing Pugs have fairly - large necks...I'm still looking. If anyone knows of a place I can get these, please let me know!


My Pugs Blogger said...

Hi - those charms are sooo nice! Check out this link

to see if this would suit what you are looking for. Good luck - I can't wait to see them on all the girls!

Anonymous said...

Hello! We've recently started a puggy blog of our own, and wanted to let you know that we've added a link to your pug blog on ours. We would love a reciprocal link back, but if not, no worries. We've been fans of other pug blogs for a long time now, and finally got around to creating our own place to share, please come by for a visit. We also have a big photo area were people can upload pics of their dogs and we -really- would love it if you would add pics of yours there too. We're at

Iggy and Bella

Punchbugpug said...

Thanks for stopping by and adding us to your friends.

Punchbugpug said...

Meimei and Miko...oh those collars would be perfect, but too small. We need 14 inch and 15 inch for our fat puggy necks. Darn.


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