Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Last one in the office is the rotten egg????

Have to love those little faces!

Okay, so today hasn't been the best of days. I am a paralegal and work in a small law office...2 attorneys, 2 paralegals and a receptionist/book-keeper. We previously had 3 paralegals, but one retired, we tried to replace her, that didn't work out and we re-arranged our work and have the 2 of us. The last day of the 2005 work year the other paralegal called me at home (we were let out early) to tell me that she had accepted another position..."what??????". We had Monday off for the holiday, came back I placed the ads in the local legal publication and on a website. Let the interviews begin. I forgot to mention the retired paralegal has been helping out with our overload of work, basically the bosses (there are 2) say call her when you need her. She is the best and a great friend. She got me into scrapbooking. Anyhow, we have set up some interviews and are plodding along and whammy today we find out our receptionist/book-keeper has cancer. Okay, did I mention my other co-worker had breast cancer last year???? Now, I had my own scare with cancer this past Fall (also breast). This woman has "female" cancer and is due to see her surgeon on Monday. I officially told my boss that in order to get through this we WILL be required to drink at work. Now I am not a drinking girl, but I think I CAN become one. Not that things weren't sounding bad enough, the paralegal, whose last day is Friday, says to me..."wow, who would think she would end up with cancer, I mean your the one who has had all the weird symptoms and stuff and she hasn't had anything, isn't that weird that it's her and not you????" Okay, I really wanted to hit this woman at this point. This comment was followed up with "wow, you are in a bad spot here right now, you better get on with hiring someone". Okay bitch, leave already. I'll manage, just leave.

Also, learned today that my son did not get accepted into the college he wanted for Spring term. Seems all that goofing off at community college did not pay off. Now his fiance has moved (today) and he has decided, as of this moment, to return to community college, retake those "F"'s and apply for Fall semester. Meantime, I'm sure his fiance is freaking out to have committed to an apt. off campus, by herself an hour + from here. The best plans go astray. He is still not home from the great move and I can only hope I am sleeping when he arrives..........BLAH.

Today did have some good points. Met the hubby for lunch, made a great meatloaf, hugged those Pugs, and talked to a Pug friend on the phone. Oh and the hubby bought us a new ceiling fan for the bedroom. Seems the one we got 18 years ago, has some problems...you think???? I love the sound of the fan, but let me tell you when the bearings are going it sounds like a motor is hanging over your head...ready to drop. It does not lull you off to sleep!


Anonymous said...

What a rude bitch! That woman can eat my droppings. That is, if I don't get to them first.

Umm... what kind of law does your firm practice? My mom, the human one, is a legal assistant for insurance defense attorneys.

Anonymous said...

Sorry things are so crazy at your office. Its always stressful when someone quits or otherwise, because your work load can suddenly double with no real compensation for all your hard work! but I am guessing you love your job.
I have to say, your pugs are ABSOLUTELY adorable. They look like very well bred pugs that follow the ideal pug standard. Having two pugs that are NOT the standard ( but still adorable!) I always love looking at other pugs and seeing how they can all look unique.

My Pugs Blogger said...

I can totally feel your pain - I'm a Legal assistant and I used to work for a small firm where crap like that happened and I was always the one to pick up the pieces! I hope the rest of the week gets better for you! Hang in there!


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