Monday, January 02, 2006

Another day off

It was nice to have that extra day off work after the holiday. I managed to take the Christmas Tree in the dining room down and pack away it all away. I also took down all the small trees, kitchen decorations, and stuff in the main bathroom. I have left the tree in the living room. It looks so nice and no one goes in there, I just hate to take it down. I think I'll give that one another week (good thing it's fake!). I had aspirations to get to Joann Fabrics today to spend my gift certificate, but never got there. I did give both the girls baths in their new tea tree soap. When they got out they started fighting. I guess maybe they don't recognize each other when their clean! My sister gave us new flannel sheets for our bed, so I put those on and they both picked a warm spot to nestle in. The hubby is working the midnight shift, so we will have the bed to ourselves. Plenty of room for another little Puggy. We will be going to visit the babies this Saturday, then picking up the motorcycle the hubby found to buy. He parts them out and sell the parts on ebay. He enjoys it and it keeps him busy for hours and hours.

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