Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weekend - hot - recap

The long weekend at camp was veryyyyyyyyyy hot. Thank goodness we're right on the lake and there was a nice hot breeze. The girls spent all their time indoors with the airconditioning turned on. They seem to have decided that they wanted to be able to see outside and this is where we found them...

and a closer look at all that innocence...

On one of our outings we drove across the bay and lake to Stony Island, there is actually an entrance in this island and this beautiful length of still water which runs through the center of the island. It is so quiet in here in is unbelieveable!

and of course, always the ultimate of sweetness...sleeping pugs


rpm said...

You and Lisa are making me want a camper and that's something I've never wanted but it looks like so much fun.

If I had a camper next to yours, I'd constantly be looking at your windows to see those three monkeys up on the table and in the window. What great entertainment...watching them.

That does look like a beautiful place and the water looks so smooth.

Jodie said...

that lake looks like you could just slip in and swim in peace, the girls are just too adorable, those faces, definetly the faces of innocence (ha ha)

Punchbugpug said...

Not sure you'd want to swim in that spot....I have seen turtles and seaweed....yikes. Hubby mentioned snakes too and that did it for me! He has swam in there, he's NUTS.


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