Friday, August 18, 2006

Looks like no photos - again

Still having issues posting photos. Guess I'll remain hopeful that Blogger will iron this out while I'm away and I'll be able to post tons of photos on my return.


rpm said...

Toot...I don't know what to say...usually that stall with blogger not letting you post pictures doesn't last that long. Hopefully by the time you get back from vacation you'll be able to post pics.

Coco said...

I had the same problem today!
So, I tried Picasa which *always* works for uploading pictures when regular Blogger doesn't, and it didn't work today either! Hmm...
So, I uploaded through
and posted that link. It actually goes faster then waiting for the pics to upload anyways...I was telling Lisa I think it was a blessing in disquise! I might use Tinypic from now on.
Hope it works for you!!



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