Thursday, August 03, 2006

Meme number ???????

This MeMe was originated by Jodie...through RPM and here goes!
Favourite body part(on yourself) ~ I don't have one
Plain chips & dip or flavoured chips ~ Neither
My eye colour is ~ Hazel -Brown/Green
If I had a million dollars ~ Buy the kids each a house, donate to Pug Rescue, give some away to some peeps I know need it, buy that darn beach house! Although I doubt a million would do all that!
One regret I have is ~ Not having that third child
Ever thought about adopting? ~ Yes
Name of the first boy you really loved ~ Jerry
My dream job would be ~ art studio
My least favourite animal ~ bat
Finish this sentence, I like me because ~ I always try to help others
The last item I purchased was ~ new washclothes
My biggest pet peeve is ~ people who don't follow through on their promises
I feel prettiest when ~ I have a fresh hairdo
When I was growing up I wanted to be ~ a teacher
I feel very alone/vulnerable when ~ my hubby is mad at me!
I take or took for granted ~ having my mom around until I was old

1 comment:

Jo Jo said...

hey it was great getting to know a bit more about you :) thanks for participating in the meme spree, seems a lot are going around these days :) and i too dislike people who don't keep their promises, there are few people in this world that do keep them these days, they are hard to find those people!!


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