Tuesday, August 08, 2006

There's a full moon coming

Wow, you can sure tell there's a full moon coming! Things have been CRAZY around our place....home and work! Our tenant gave notice to move last week, then kicked her boyfriend of one week out, asked to not move, then asked for a couple of days to work things out, then let "friend" back in and moving again! So I've put in the ad and now the rental process! OH I HATE THAT PART. Over the weekend the owners of our campground informed us that if my dad wants to sell his trailor he can't sell it with option for it to stay in our park. They have "decided" that they don't want any trailors over 10 years old in their campgrounds. UGH!!! This is just one of the many new rules and regulations. Every week something else. My son was doing a carpentry project for my BIL at a client's house for extra money. After tearing off a poorly constructed handicap ramp, buying the material, cutting the wood, and going to install today...STOP WORK ORDER. His hours at his new job haven't gone to full time yet, and he REALLY needed the money from this extra job. I am a little tired of "funding" him, especially with vacation around the corner. In addition work has been wild. I do Matrimonial, Family, and Estate work at my office. I have a new motto..."send me your weird, crazy, undecided, client's"....I need a vacation!


Priscilla said...

I work in property management so I totally know your frustration. Well It keeps life interesting.

Sandy said...

I wonder why a bunch of crazy things have to happen all at once?? You are right, it's the full moon. The thing about your dad's trailer...that's crazy. Do they expect everyone to have a new trailer every 10 years? If that's the case, I wonder who in the world would decide to be a permanent leaseholder there? I hope work picks up for your son.


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