Monday, August 14, 2006

No photos here either

Well, I was going to join into the parade of homes and show my family room and living room...but can't seem to post photos...did I catch that from you Lisa?????

Finished up a couple of sewing projects tonight. Ran to Kohl's to buy this white summer sweater I've had my eye on since June...and guess what, it was still there, on sale of course!

Tomarrow promises to be a wild day. I lost my glasses a few weeks ago...yep, I did say a few WEEKS. I have bifocal contacts, but they drive me nuts. My eyes are not the same and when I wear them I don't see far away or close very well. I made an appointment for an eye exam tomarrow. I am going back to distance contacts and will wear glasses for reading, sewing, etc. I thought I should really get going and get the new prescription before we leave... I really can't read road signs, etc. Not a good co-pilot. So my eye exam is at 3:20, then at 4:15 Chloe goes to vet to get her anal gland expressed..charming, but beats stinking up the car, which is where I KNOW she'll do it...on me, of course. Then at 5:30 I am having my pedicure/manicure that my daughter got for me for Mother's Day! In a perfect world I will be on time for all these appointments and they will all take the time alloted for them and I will come home being able to see...with lovely feet, hands and one Pug without a stinky backside!


rpm said...

that sounds like a good plan for the day. I know about stinky butts in the car! You have to show us your nails after they're done!

Katie said...

Are anal glands only an issue with smaller dogs? I've had plenty of dogs in my life, though all have been pretty big, and we never had problems with having to get their anal gland drained. Such an odd phenomena...

Punchbugpug said...

Sandy, can't seem to post photos again. I'll have to try again tomarrow.

Katie, thanks for stopping by. I know the whole anal gland thing is weird. Our other two Pugs don't have the problem...just Chloe.


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