Monday, August 07, 2006

Rosie, rosie, rosie

Hubby admitted today that he had a little problem on the girl's walk. Seems he loosened Rosie's harness and opps...she slipped it right off her head! She thought it was all fun and games playing "keep away" from him and Chloe and Zoey. He couldn't make her mind, so he took off running through the baseball field of the middle school behind our house..she ran and frolicked and was having a super time. He was VERY worried she'd start running for the street, so he just laid down on the grass with Chloe and Zoey and over she ran! I'm sure he was freaking out just thinking about what I'd do to him if anything happened to her!

On another note our vacation to the shore is around the corner. A very good Pug friend of mine has offered to keep Rosie for the trip so we would only travel with two. I am torn as to what to do. On one hand, it would be TONS easier with just two of them. Mind you my son, his fiance, my daughter and her best friend will all be along, but Rosie is, well...she's Rosie. Crazy, crazy, crazy! What do you all think????????

Of course right now she's the angel girl sleeping under my feet!


rpm said...

Well, I'd be feeling like you want her there but it would be so much easier know! Does the friend have a pug, too? If so, I'd let her stay with the friend or if she stays home all day and can play with her...otherwise she'd be thinking..where am I? It would probably be fun for her to have a one-on-one with someone. but if you end up taking her, you'll probably be glad you did...that's always the case.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

PANIC! Yikes Scary having Rosie escape...Belle did the same thing but she bolted out the front door and ran to the end of our driveway...and I was scared to I am trying to remain calm Belle Come..wanna treat? Belle Look who's here.Nothing she kept inching her way to the road..Cringing reminding myself to remain calm...she then listened to me and came back...It is sure scary when they get out.
As for To bring or not to bring....I wold be on the fence about this one too? although I do know what you mean about the Craziness...Belle is a SPAZ! and yes it would be easier to bring just Willow but my guilt would make me crazy for leaving her (Belle)behind...
With all the people coming along on the trip..I am sure they will all help with the 3 girls....if you decide to bring her along..if you choose not to I bet she will have just as much fun with your friend too...and remember..we miss them more than they miss us!

Leah said...

I agree with Lisa...I often toy with the idea of taking one pug somewhere and leaving the other (would be WAY easier) but my guilt would get the best of me. But do what is best for you guys!

Punchbugpug said...

Rosie got out of her harness again today. I'm really going to need to do some serious thinking about her going along on the trip. She is just "into it" all the time. My friend that would watch her does have a Pug and a daughter 2. Her aunt babysits at her house, so she wouldn't be alone and their yard is totally fenced. REALLY need to think about it!

Lori-Lyn said...

Woody has gotten out of his harness a couple of times, it's so scary!
I feel for your decision. I don't know what I would do!


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